May 26, 2013

Serious American Pride

I am really liking all of the different versions of prints of the American flag that I am seeing. I used to think that wearing a big American flag on your shirt or shorts was kind of cheesy but after seeing all of the different options for this summer, I am pretty much all over it.
Urban Outfitters

Brandy Melville

Old Navy


May 21, 2013

Cleaning Up

When it comes to beauty products, I almost always prefer to use anything that has natural ingredients as opposed to something loaded with chemicals. I've been wanting to get rid of any products that have bad ingredients and slowly transition into using products that are actually good for you. I might make that my challenge for this year as I know it might take me some time to replace all of my current products with natural, clean products that work for me. In the meantime, I thought I share with you some of my favorite natural products that I currently use and that are staples in my collection.


1. I love this foundation! I have been using it for years and years (ever since I started wearing makeup). I have sensitive skin and was looking for a foundation that will not break me out. This is how I came across the Bare Minerals line and I have been a loyal customer ever since.

2. I featured these blushes in my Blushing post and I am still a very big fan of them. I love the staying power and the fact that Amazonian clay is a balancing ingredient, perfect for my combination skin.

3. Josie Maran Argan Oil product has become a must in my nighttime routine, I don't know how I lived without this. Josie Maran's Argan Oil is 100% argan oil (all natural) and it is truly a wonder product. My skin was always oily, but this product has helped to control the oil and it has made my skin smooth and moisturized.

4. Nourishing coconut cream lip balm by Alba has been my favorite lip balm for years. I have tried many different ones, but I always go back to this one. It keeps my lips moisturized and soft all day with vegetarian ingredients, btw I always get the coconut cream version.

5. In looking for a good scrub, I came across this one from Lush. Ocean Salt is the best scrub I have ever tried! This scrub makes my skin brighter, glowing, and softer. I like to use it before I am going under the sun to get a more even tan and also have gotten my boyfriend into using it to prevent ingrown hairs.

May 16, 2013

A Year Older

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday! I find that as I get older, I don't make such a big deal about my birthday but nonetheless, I still like to celebrate it. It was a pretty mellow day which started with my boyfriend making me breakfast (he is the greatest). We went shopping for the most part of the day but definitely had to make time to have dinner with my parents, they always like to be there to wish me happy birthday. The day was not complete until we went to catch the midnight release of Star Trek, what can I say...I'm kind of a nerd ;-)

Blazer - Forever21
Shirt - Forever21
Black skinny jeans - Urban Outfitters
Flats - Target

May 14, 2013

Florals and Philly

Hi Guys!
This past weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Philly. We've never been even though we live about 3 hours away. I really love this city; it is so full of history, the people are soo friendly, and of course the Philly cheese steaks... The area that we were mostly at was full of tourists. However, where we went to eat (which was on South Street),  had a totally different vibe. It was filled with a lot of cool shops and the atmosphere was really welcoming and fun, definitely liked this part of town. A weekend was not enough to see all of the different sights so we will definitely be going back soon! For now, I hope you enjoy all the pictures :-)

H&M floral jacket
Urban Outfitters mid-rise cigarette grazer jeans
Target red flats
Forever21 white cami
Forever21 purse


South Street

Philly cheese steak sandwich from Jim's Steaks, highly recommend it (I got mine with provolone cheese, grilled onions, and peppers)

 The line outside of Jim's Steaks, had to wait there for about 45 minutes but it was well worth it!

May 5, 2013

A Light Pair of Flats

For this spring, I am on the hunt for nude or white flats to complete outfits that are composed of light washes of colors. I found some really great options (I wish I could buy them all!) but below are some of the ones that stood out to me the most.

Urban Outfitters
Dolce Vita Loafer

BDG Oxford

Deena & Ozzy Skimmers

Steve Madden