Oct 12, 2014

Knitted Scarves Lately

Continuing with the pastel trend here on my blog, I wanted to share with you guys some of the scarves that I have knitted lately.  Having fun, colorful accessories in the winter just makes it so much better to go out and bear the cold. These scarves came out so cozy and chunky, I am so ready to start knitting more! How do you guys like accessorizing for the winter?

Oct 1, 2014

Pastels for Fall

Pastels for fall and winter has to be my favorite trend for the seasons. I love colors and prints any time of the year so I am glad to see these colors standing out other than your typical blacks or greys.  I did a post on pastels for spring back in April and I am so glad this trend has carried over to fall/winter. I am specially loving dusty pink and baby blue shades which are really soft and feminine but when paired with leather pants or your favorite denim pants, it can be made more casual and edgy.  Are you guys feeling pastels for this season? 

All images via Pinterest