Feb 24, 2013

Chamomile Tea

I am someone that is always trying to find natural alternatives to medicine (drugs) that are found in pharmacies and that most people take. I have always known that chamomile tea is great for having a good night's rest and for upset stomachs. I started taking it at nighttime so I can have a better sleep and not wake up during the night. It really does help in that and but I also noticed that my digestive system has been functioning better. I started to research the benefits of chamomile tea and found that it is a great remedy for a few more other things. Drinking this tea every day can prevent colds and help boost your immune system. I hope I don't jinx myself, but I have not gotten sick in the past few months, and I usually always get a cold at least once in the winter. Chamomile tea is also good at relieving menstrual cramps and headaches which most of us ladies tend to get every month. I usually just take Tylenol for this since nothing else seems to work but I am definitely going to start to drink chamomile tea at the first symptom of cramps! This tea can also help expedite the healing any type of wound.
Of course, everything should be taken with moderation and even though chamomile tea is natural, it can have its own side effects. Everyone is different, so drinking one cup of tea every other few days can be good at first to see how your body reacts. I usually drink one cup mostly every night but especially on nights that I feel tired and need more rest than usual or whenever I've had a rough day at work so I can relax :-)
Enjoy the good night's sleep and extra benefits!

Feb 23, 2013

Pumped Up

I am really loving the transition from bulky, platform high heeled shoes to sleek minimalist pumps that we are seeing emerge for this spring season. I am really feeling all of the different variations of pumps that can be part of any outfit no matter what style you have. Below are some of the pumps that have caught my eye and can't wait to wear this upcoming spring/summer!

These pumps are perfect for those hotter spring days. I would wear these with light colored jeans and a sheer blouse.

These shoes are another great transition piece for spring as it has an open heel. I love that these shoes look expensive but they only go for around $28 at F21! It's great to find inexpensive shoes like these because it's great to spend less on shoes that are trendy and probably won't be worn for long.

Unlike the last shoes, a sleek nude pair of pumps are a great staple piece that might be worth investing on. However, I just happened to find these from Zara and the price isn't even that bad! I think these pumps look really cool and sophisticated at the same time. I feel like these would look great with any outfit whether you are trying to go for a casual or a more glam look.

Feb 9, 2013

Wintery Hues

I recently went searching for nail colors that are reminicent of the winter since I lack these in my nail polish collection. I find that I am always attracted to either bright, warm colors or light pastels. I decided to go to Ulta in order to refresh my collection. I found some really great colors from one of the favorite nail polish brand - Essie.


Feb 5, 2013


Blushes are definitely a staple in my makeup routine, which is why I was searching for a blush that is good for my skin and has good staying power. I am soo glad I found Tarte's Amazonian Clay 12-hr blushes.  These blushes have natural ingredients that actually improve your skin. Amazonian clay balances the skin so it is great for both dry and oily skin. Most importantly, it does not break me out or irritate my skin.
The color options are all so vivid which makes me want to try them all! So far, I have tried Dollface and Tipsy which I imagine would look great on any skin tone. I highly suggest getting these blushes if you want something that has good-for-you ingredients as well as vibrant color options!