Mar 30, 2013

Music Fav's

Hi guys!
I haven't mentioned this before but music is one of my biggest passions in life. I am just a lover of music, any type of music that sounds good. I seriously wish I could sing but I can't :( so I can only appreciate other singers and their music. I want to really quickly share the top 3 songs that I am currently putting on repeat at the moment.

Stay -Rihanna
I really love this song just because it's so simple but yet has a lot of emotion. I can really feel the words that Rihanna is singing.

When I was your man - Bruno Mars
I freakin love Bruno Mars! I'm sure I don't really have to explain why I love his music, just everything he sings, he sings with emotion and he sings it like he means it. Oh and his voice is amazing.

Glowing - Nikki Williams
I just discovered Nikki Williams and I am loving her music so far. Her voice is really strong and I love her style. If you haven't seen her videos yet or heard her music, I definitely encourage you to check her out.

So that was my top 3. I am hoping to turn this into a continuous series of posts of my favorite music. I always like to hear what other people are listening to, so please share your favorites. This is a great way to discover new music :)

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Mar 25, 2013

Crazy Shoulders

The bold shoulder is back! I have been browsing through Spring 13 trends and I am loving that the bold, exaggerated shoulder is a trend for this season. I love to incorporate edginess and a touch of sexy and femininity in an outfit and I think that an outfit mixing a blazer with bold shoulders and skin tight pants is just that. I found some great looks from the Balmain Spring 13 collection that I have easily become obsessed with, but will most certainly find more affordable pieces to emulate these looks.






Balmain, my favorite look of this collection

Victoria Beckham

Stella McCartney
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Mar 16, 2013

Leopard Biker

Hi Everyone!
This is my first outfit post, I hope you guys like! I chose this outfit for a casual Saturday. My boyfriend and I decided to grab brunch and then went to go run some errands. Spring seems to not want to come yet as it is snowing with rain today :-(
In the winter, I tend to rather wear a lot of black. Even though I love bright colors, I think that an all black outfit looks really cool and chic. I decided to add a pop of color, or in this case a print to mix things up.

Leopard print sweater - H&M
Black tee - Target
Black skinny pants - H&M
Biker boots - Bakers

Mar 13, 2013


I though I would leave you with a positive quote for any of you who are in need of some motivation. I always like to jot down quotes like these whenever I am feeling down or just need to be inspired, I feel like writing these quotes helps me feel more motivated and positive about any hard situation that I am going through. Hope this helps!!

Mar 10, 2013

Lush Mini Haul

I thought I would share the things I bought on my recent trip to Lush. I only picked up a few things but I think they are all really great products. I only went to pick up one product at Lush but I came out with 3. This always happens at Lush, I can't resist trying out new products from there!

This lotion is the reason why I went to Lush in the first place. I needed a lotion that was really moisturizing because this winter has not been very good to my skin. I couldn't decide between this lotion and Dream Cream but decided to go for this one because I gravitated more to its scent. I will do a full post on this lotion once I have used it for a little bit longer but as of now I am really loving it.

I have tried a lot of dry shampoos but most of them don't really do the job and end up making my hair look limp.  I have heard good things about this dry shampoo and it smells really fresh and citrusy.

I decided to grab a solid shampoo from Lush since I am running out of my current one (Organix Teatree Mint shampoo) and went for the Karma Komba shampoo. I grabbed this one due to the scent it has, really fresh and energizing, perfect for spring.

I would like to know if you have tried any of these products and what you think of them :-)